Friday, 22 July 2011

Looking to expand your product range?

We are now offering new technology in our Eduprint solutions that will enable you to expand your product range even further!

Heat Presser (manual/pneumatic) & AD1 Studio mug press

Using these devices in a combination with transfer paper you can create a wide range of high-quality personalised products including:

  • T-Shirts
  • Fabric Bags
  • Umbrellas
  • Book covers
  • Mugs (6oz or 10oz)
  • Bone China mugs
  • Candles
  • Flip flops
  • Alluminium sports bottles
  • And many many more.....


Straight forward and easy to use, here at Eduprint we offer a simple  instruction manual on how to use these machines which can be issued out free to our customers. 

Pricing for these devices can be found on our website:   

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Thursday, 21 July 2011

More on the Eduprint Solution

What does the Eduprint solution offer?

An Eduprint Centre is a combination of various technologies, brought together with the purpose of delivering several benefits to Education. The technology combines large format high definition colour printing, multiple media options, software, heat pressers, security, image gallery, presentation templates and finishing elements.

The primary objective of an Eduprint Centre is to deliver a rich selection of enterprise based learning opportunities to a wide range of students with varying levels of ability. These learning outcomes range from graphic design, technology and reprographics to business management, sales, marketing and production.

The EduPrint Solution includes a flexible custom built hardware package that can develop to meet the needs of your organisation. Whether you are a Special Needs School, Adult Education facility, Study Centre, Specialist School or even a small infant School we have scaleable solution that can expand and develop with the results of your students.

Financing is also flexible with the EduPrint solution. We can pre-arrange a three year eductional leasing agreement to suit school budgets with monthly, quarterly or annual payments that includes option to purchase.

A list of EduPrint Package Optional Contents

  • Wide Format Element - from 24" to 60" either
    • HP DesignJet Z2100
    • HP DesignJet Z3200 or
    • HP DesignJet Z6100
  • plus 3 year next day on site Warranty for HP Designjet
  • Colour Laserjet Element - from 40 ppm either one or more
    • HP CP6015 Colour Printer or
    • HP CM6040 Multifunction Printer
  • plus 3 year next day on site Warranty for HP Printers
  • EduPrint Software
  • EduPrint System Box (Special build HP PC with HP 19" Monitor)
  • EduPrint Template Manager Starter Pack
  • plus 3 year next day on site Warranty for System Box
  • Booklet maker solution
  • Mug printer solution
  • Heat Press solution
  • A0 - Pro Rotary Cutter
  • Software Training
  • Hardware Training/Set up
Customers who have registered their interest and received their School Reference Number may order new media supplies directly by email. Customers completing the order forms will receive a confirmation email with a forecast delivery date and price confirmation. An invoice will be issued and the value of the goods added to the Customer's account for quarterly settlement.

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Eduprint blog is now up and running!

WELCOME to the first ever Eduprint blog!

About us...

Eduprint offers a EduPrint Centre solution which presents Schools with a Creative Enterprise Learning opportunity for students of all abilities, with a WOW factor, that is secure, self-funding and “Edu-creational”.

Eduprint has developed creative learning packages to introduce "business enterprise into schools". Students need opportunities to apply their skills and understanding, and to develop their knowledge, within a secure and flexible learning environment.

Eduprint Ltd., was established in 2006 by an innovative team from Portsmouth. Led by Nat Hart, the Managing Director, their vision and the technical inventiveness brought together selected partners and have created an "educreational environment" that combines learning and fun. EduPrint Centre solutions encourage skill sets that will be needed in post school life.

An EduPrint Centre provides practical applications to support the school curricula for Business and Enterprise, Arts, Graphics, Design and Photography. Eduprint packages are compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS5, already a favourite in schools.

The Eduprint team are committed to providing and making Eduprint a brand that is synonymous with enterprise and innovation in the educational sector that can spark entrepreneurial spirit in students across the country.

With offices in Portsmouth, Eduprint employs talented and experienced individuals committed to ensuring that Eduprint remains a leader in all aspects of printing in the education sector using the very latest technology from our partners.

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